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The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 06! - “On The First Part Of The Journey...”

"On The First Part Of The Journey I was Looking At All The Life...."

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The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 09.5! - “The Doors We Leave Open...”

"We Walk Through Doors To Move Forward Or Even Return Back. The Things We Leave Behind Only To Miss Again In Another Moment."


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 11! - “Feels Like Home....”

"....It was a sincere and caring moment of reaching out and someone there you catch you when you were falling down. It was an act that was totally foreign to imagine seeing in a time like the one they were in. It was the most vulnerable action he'd ever seen of SworD. Something God could only make happen.."


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 16! - “The Sweetest Of Dreams Only Last A Moment, But Their Memories Will Be Infinite....”

“The Sweetest Of Dreams Only Last A Moment, But Their Memories Will Be Infinite....”


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 24! - “Follow Your Bliss.”

In the distance, already waiting were two warriors that were surrounded by animals, fire & thunder. One wore a black zip-up hoodie & the other carried a sword. Both of them excited for what this new moment will bring as the long awaited future was about to unfold before their very eyes. Showing the true power of what their long journey has yielded so far. All From Traveling Through A Foxhole Now Writing A New Chapter In The Woodshed Chronicles.


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 30.5! - “All The Moments Of Those Days....”

"Even a journey that has no beginning will still get back to where things started, only finding that it opens to a new chapter. No matter time or space God's Plan is infinite in His reach. From the brightest moments of bliss or even standing on the edge of darkness & destruction.


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 08! - “The Journey Pt. II...”

On The Second Part Of The Journey We Examine, "What Does Your Soul Look Like?"


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 10.5! - “The Unspeakable World!”

"That Point At Which You Couldn't Describe It, The Moment You Bring It From The Inside To The Outside. What Will You Drag Out With It? It May Just Be Unspeakable...."


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 18.5! - “When The Stars Once Shined Their Brightest...”

"Taking You Back In Time And In The Into The Future All At Once. A Moment When Two Stars Shined Their Brightest...."


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 18.5! - “A Future Moment Not Yet Forgotten....”

All but for a brief moment they were together again.  Writing another chapter in the Woodshed Chronicles.....”


The Sword_Qf_Michael Show! Episode 25! - “Knight_X_Warlords I & II”

"From the sky on a giant sQuirrel flew a hooded warrior holding a bo-staff drinking strong coffee. He hit a button on his phone and from the bottom dropped a giant gold-pill EMP and standing on top of it was Sword_Qf_Michael. He was going to ride the explosion all the way down and crash the stage set by Dodger. There was no way he was going to let him have all the fun, his Sword was already drawn and looking directly into the now excited face of the Warlord Leader. This was finally something that had the possibility to shake their world view, something that would change everything..

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